A F R I C A: SEE YOU, SEE ME - A traveling exhibition of contemporary African Photography

©Stanley Lumax

The exhibition highlights the contribution of African photography to contemporary history of photography. The main part of the exhibition shows artistically innovative photographs by African photographers juxtaposed with works from non-African image makers in dialogue with their practices. The exhibition also gives historical context and re-engagement of colonial ethnographic photographs by the photographers in the show.  In efforts to create an open dialogue,   Africa: See You, See Me features artists from a range of countries including Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon, Mozambique, South Africa, Portugal, Italy, USA, and a host of others. Bringing together images of Africa from African & non-African photographers, the exhibit showcases how Africans view themselves when they are left in charge of creating/showcasing Africa’s image for global viewership.
Africa: See You, See Me was commissioned by Africa.Cont in the Portuguese city of Lisboa and since its inception in 2010 has embarked on a global tour. The exhibition has since appeared in Florence, Italy (Spring 2011); Rome, Italy (Spring 2011); Beijing, China (Spring 2011); Lagos, Nigeria (Spring 2012); Dakar, Senegal (Spring 2012) with many more cities to follow

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